shrug-l: SHRUG 2013 GIS Workshop - Reminder Training Class Registration now open as are the call for presentations

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The 2013 GIS Workshop will be November 19th-20th at the FSU Conference
Center. Registration is now open for several low cost classes which will
occur both before and after the Workshop. These provide a great opportunity
to enhance your GIS skills, earn education points for the GISP and increase
your value. 


Classes at this year's SHRUG GIS Workshop include:

*	Introduction to Python for ArcGIS - Nov 21 to 22 - $650.00
*	This App's for You!: GIS in the era of Smartphones and Mobile
Devices - Nov 18 - $350.00
*	Introduction to Model Builder Day One - Nov 18 - $360.00 - Optional
2nd Day on Nov 21 - $240.00

You do not have to register for the workshop to attend any of the above
classes. For more information about these classes or to register go to: 

The Call for Presentations is also open. Have a neat project you would like
to share with your colleagues? Did you find a way to overcome a problem or
issue? Maybe you discovered a trick or tip that made your life easier. Share
your accomplishments with the community and earn professional contribution
points for the GISP. Submit your presentation abstract at 



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