shrug-l: Successful turn out at GIS bike ride last night

Christopher L Judd clj2289 at
Thu Sep 26 09:14:16 EDT 2013

We had a great turn out at the off road GIS bike ride last night at Munson
Hills.  Thanks to everyone that made it to this very fun event.  The
weather turned out to be beautiful, with only a light sprinkling at the
start of the ride.

Given the interest from the community, I'd like to make this a reoccurring
event.  I'll send out another date in October or November.  After the time
changes we'll have to consider earlier ride times on the weekend, but we
may be able to get one more in before that happens.

If you are interested in participating in the next ride, please let me know
what times/days work best for your schedule so we can accommodate as many
people as possible.

Chris Judd
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