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Wed Jun 11 09:48:28 EDT 2014

Before ArcGIS 10.2, I had a dynamite tool from the USDA National Forest Service out of Santa Fe, NM, that could be added to a toolbar and would allow you to click on a point and it would give you a pop-up with the latitude & longitude to about 6 or more decimal places in the seconds field (e.g., 26° 15' 20.546947") and decimal degrees to about 13 decimal places.  Of course, it no longer works with 10.2.

Now before you say no one needs that kind of accuracy I say, wrong!  Just look at any CORS station, which is listed in DMS to 5 decimal places as is all USGS marker data.  This tool had those locations nailed to all five decimal places!

The DEP tool is less useful that the ArcGIS readout both of which are 2 decimal places in DMS format (the ArcGIS readout can give higher accuracy if used in the degrees, decimal minutes format - go figure).

GIS and GPS are getting way more accurate, we need GIS tools that have the same level of accuracy.

But enough of the preaching, the original question is, does anyone have or know of a lat/long tool with about 6 decimal accuracy in DMS mode that works with 10.2?

-- John

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