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Passing the information below along for Keith. He seems to be having some
trouble posting to the list but thought others might find it useful. So he
asked me to forward it along. 


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Subject: Esri Javascript API Performance


Just a friendly note to other Esri Javascript API developers out there or
others interested.


Recently I had to upgrade an app that was leveraging an older version of the
Javascript API. This app also relied upon Dojo for styling and much of the
functionality, i.e. searching for elements, etc.


I prefer jQuery to Dojo and decided to change courses there, but with the
knowledge that using jQuery with the Dojo embedded API could cause
conflicts. I wasn't disappointed. When it was all said and done the clear
method for graphics layers exhibited some rather peculiar phantomish


I tried using the Esri hosted compact build, but that didn't trim quite
enough fat to solve the problem. I found that creating a custom build of the
API that only included the minimum required modules solved the problem. It
also made the application faster. While you can host your custom built API
on Esri's cloud I opted for a local hosting in the applications javascript


The only drawback that I see to this is that if you enhance the application
and require, no pun intended, additional modules you will have to create a
new build to satisfy the new requirements.


For anyone interested you can find Esri's Web Optimizer docs here: 



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