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Good morning everyone,

I have been working with ArcGIS Pro for a while now but never created a
custom project template until now. I have run into an issue that I  am not
sure is a bug in 1.1 or if it is how it is supposed to work. I have posted a
question to the ArcGIS Pro Esri forum but thought I would see if anyone else
may have answer here.


I have created a project template that was based on a project which included
a connection to my primary file geodatabase. When I create a new project
using the template instead of connecting to my existing geodatabase it
instead creates a new file geodatabase with the same name as my existing


So the question is this. Is this how it is supposed to work or is it a bug
with ArcGIS Pro 1.1? If it is how it is supposed to work how can I force it
to connect to my existing file geodatabase instead of creating a new one?  


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