shrug-l: GISP Inaugural Exam Nov 12-17 - Time to apply to take this exam is running out

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The Inaugural GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge ExamR for the GISP
Certification will be offered November 12-17 2015 at PSI testing centers
across the US. The exam is a groundbreaking development in the geospatial
profession, based upon a complete job analysis from a four-year experience
level, informed by the GIS&T Body of Knowledge and guided by the Geospatial
Technology Competency Model (GTCM).  GISCI must receive your application to
take the inaugural exam by close of business on Oct 9, 2015. 


The Exam and Portfolio Review are offered independently of one another, but
both must be completed in order to receive GISP Certification. When you have
started with either the Exam or the Portfolio Review, you have up to six (6)
years to complete the other before you have to start over. 


The exam questions will come from the areas of: 

1.       Conceptual Foundations 

2.       Cartography & Visualization 

3.       GIS Design Aspects & Data Modeling 

4.       GIS Analytical Methods 

5.       Data Manipulation 

6.       Geospatial Data 

Although any non-GISP can sign up to take the Inaugural Exam, GISCI is
looking for qualified individuals to take the first Exam (those who are able
to meet the Portfolio Review requirements at the time of the exam. The
application and resume will help us to determine those who are qualified).
Existing GISPs are specifically excluded from taking the Exam. 


For those qualified individuals who complete their Portfolio Review within
one year of passing the Exam, GISCI will reimburse the $100 Application Fee
and the $100 Portfolio Review Fee as a part of the GISP Certification
process. This incentive is only for those that take the inaugural exam. 


Exam Application Procedure

1.       Download and complete application -'s/

2.       Return completed application along with resume to GISCI by Oct 9,
2015. Email to info at <mailto:info at> 

3.       GISCI will contact applicate and coordinate payment of exam fees

4.       GISCI will authorize you to contact PSI for exam scheduling between
Nov 12-17, 2015

Exam fees

*         Application Fee:  $100 (if you paid an Application Fee with a
Portfolio Review, you will not pay a second time)

*         Exam Fee:  $ 250

Exam Prep Information

GISCI has put together some very basic exam preparation information. It is
hoped over time GISCI member organizations will develop addition exam
preparation materials. 


You can download the information GISCI has currently put together at's/Exam%20Preparation%20Information.pdf 



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