shrug-l: GIS Essentials for NG9-1-1 Webinar Th 10/29

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Tue Oct 20 16:10:27 EDT 2015

Understanding the role of GIS data is critical to the success of your Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) implementation. Transitioning from tabular call routing to geospatial call routing requires that you establish new GIS data management processes, as well as plan and staff with the appropriate personnel.

Join Esri's Global NG9-1-1 team, and Intrado's GIS expert, Raymond Horner, for a review of the specific GIS functional elements related to NENA i3 including Spatial Interface (SI), Location Validation Function (LVF), and Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF). The presenters will share GIS data management best practices for transitioning to a NG9-1-1 system-with a specific focus on GIS data requirements.

This webinar will explore:
*             Functional elements of a NG9-1-1 system
*             Transitional pathways to geospatial call routing
*             Methods to identify specific GIS data requirements
*             Master NG9-1-1 GIS terminology

Th Oct. 29 from noon to one PM eastern time.

Adam Carnow, GISP | Account Executive
Esri | 3325 Springbank Lane | Suite 200 | Charlotte, NC 28226
Office: 704.541.9810 x8679 | Cell: 980.355.2956

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