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Only 2 seat remain for this year's URISA Leadership Academy (ULA). The ULA
is being held in Chicago this year on Aug 1-5.  


The success of any GIS program is largely tied to the capabilities of its
leader.  Strong leadership is necessary to establish a solid GIS program,
operate efficiently and effectively, coordinate participants, adapt to
change, and move a program forward.  Leadership, however, is a skill that
must be developed. The URISA Leadership Academy was established to meet this
need.  Participants will learn:


*	GIS leadership and management techniques
*	Strategic planning
*	Successful team development
*	Organizational capacity building and sustainability strategies (ROI,
innovative funding ideas)
*	Program investment and justification
*	Change management
*	Situation assessment and organizational performance evaluation
*	Ethics and professional challenges
*	Problem solving


This is a great program and one of our very own SHRUG members, Scott
Weisman, is an instructor. I wish I had an opportunity to attend such a
program when I first moved into leadership roles. For more information about
the ULA go to -


If you can't make it this year, make sure to include it in your budget for
next year. URISA is hoping to offer 2 ULAs next year. One on the west coast
and one on the east. 


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