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Hello everyone,

URISA has released the Executive Summary for the 2017 GIS Salary Survey.
This document is a preview of the 2017 URISA GIS Salary Survey, and includes
valuable summary data from the survey results. The full publication with an
abundance of detailed tabular data and extensive cross-tabulations will be
included in the full publication release in January 2018. 


The full Salary Survey results publication will be available for purchase
through URISA <> . URISA International Members will
receive a discount. 


Quick Hits from 2017:


*	The survey is based on 3,060 respondents who are employed full-time.
*	The average salary of survey respondents was $70,857 - an increase
of 15% over the 2010 average of $61,540.
*	GISPs, on average, earned $10,000 more than non-GISPs.
*	A majority (57.7%) of respondents are employed within some level of
government, from local to federal agencies.
*	Most receive additional forms of compensation including health
insurance, paid conference attendance, life insurance, paid training,
pension/retirement plans and 401(s) plans.
*	They spend an average of 70.8% of their time performing geospatial
tasks and work an average of 41.6 hours per week.
*	The minimum level of education required for their position is a
Bachelor's degree.
*	They have an average of 13.5 years of professional experience and
have been in their current position for an average of 6.8 years.
*	Less than half (42.5%) were GISPs.
*	Two-thirds were male and the average age of respondents was 40.5
*	Most (90.4%) respondents were from the U.S. with the greatest
concentration from the South Atlantic, Pacific, Mountain and West South
Central regions.


To view the Executive Summary go to - The
Summary is free and available to everyone. 


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