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Tue Dec 26 09:05:52 EST 2017

I know it's a bit late in the year - BUT -

The FOSS4GNA Community has announced the next North America Conference 
in St Louis Missouri - May 14-16th 2018.


Unapologetically stolen (and tweaked) from the website:

/The conference committee <>/ /is a 
geographically-dispersed team of volunteers from a variety of 
backgrounds – software developers, educators, /GIS professionals – /and 
FOSS4G is the common thread that binds us together./

/We invite you to join this community as an attendee, speaker, or 
sponsor at North America’s largest gathering of students and 
professionals who share the common interest of free and open source 
geospatial tools. If you’re interested in speaking, submit your talk or 
workshop proposal today <>. If you or your 
company would like to know more about partnering or sponsoring this 
event, see the online sponsor prospectus 

/The program will include content on these topics, and more:/


    /Software Projects (like QGIS, PostGIS, Cesium, Python, R)/


    /Business (we actually using this stuff)/


    /Government (you can too)/


    /Nonprofit & Humanitarian Work (they use it to save lives)/


    /Education & Academia (they use it to teach GIS)/


    /The Sciences (That's everyone)/


    /Data Visualization (Look at your data upside down, front, and back)/


    /New & Emerging Technology (The edge of tech where things crash and
    great things happen)/

/Right now, we are especially looking for workshop proposals, since the 
workshop submission deadline is January 15, 2018./

/See you in St. Louis!/


Randal Hale
rjhale at

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