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Hello All,

Below is a description for a GIS Specialist position with the State of Arkansas in Little Rock. Have a good Independence Day.

Tony Cooper

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Subject: Requirement of a GIS Specialist

FOR STATE OF AR in Little Rock, AR

AGIO GIS Specialist (507303)
PSV3 : PS2 : A1 : SC3
AGIO GIS Specialist

07/10/2017 to 12/31/2017

1 Capitol Mall, Suite 6D, Little Rock, AR  72201

The primary role for this position is to maintain the vector and tabular data associated with the Department of Finance and Administration (DF&A) Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Program (SSTP).

Local Candidates Preferred
No Multi-Layering, Candidates Direct to Submitting Vendor

The data is ingested by numerous commercial entities that aggregate jurisdictional sales tax assignments based on point of delivery transactions.  The data is the result of ongoing efforts by the Arkansas GIS Office to collect, standardize, and publish a Statewide Address Point File as well as the maintenance of the United States Postal Service's ZIP+4 data, and County Project programs. This position will have a significant role in the quality control and assurance of all the previously mentioned efforts.

Ingests address point structure data to ensure that it conforms to previously established standards by using python scripting and subjective review to ensure data quality requirements. Serve as the Arkansas GIS office's USPS conduit for County Project address data submission, ingestion, and analysis for inclusion into USPS's Address Management System.    Monitor changes in city boundary and assign proper tax jurisdiction codes based on spatial location of address data resulting from city boundary changes.  Maintain and update tabular data in GIS and Database environments and publish SSTP data. Assists in developing workflow and routines for ingesting spatial data from a variety of sources into a common standard, performs geostatistical analyses, generates and analyzes geocoding jobs, tests and analyzes geocoding results, displays and communicates results using GIS on a weekly basis. Develops, tests, documents and performs data capturing, analysis and quality control procedures on a weekly basis. Communicates issues and errors to local constituents in meaningful ways to correct and enhance data quality.   Enhances and promotes the utilization of GIS through technical support for other team members on a daily basis. Assists in the quality control and quality assurance testing for address databases, may occasionally participate field verification at local, city or county levels.  Occasionally travel to county locations to meet with constituents on address point file data development, maintenance, and verification.  Represent the agency with the highest standards of conduct.

Required Abilities:
Must be able to communicate on a basic level in nurturing and educational tones with less sophisticated users who are creating data, must communicate with managers accurate and useful status updates, manage and report time spent on all work activities, follow quality standards, have the ability to work in a team environment, complete assigned tasks, determine time estimates and schedule for own work and resolve issues in a timely manner. Must have working knowledge of arcpy python scripting module development and deployment  as it relates to overall data processing workflow automation. Also must have intimate understanding of Structured Query Language as it relates to SQL Server as well as SQL Server Integration Service scripting to automate tabular workflows.

Required / Desired


of Experience

Experience with ArcGIS software for developing GIS databases




Experience with ArcEditor data creation and editing tools, snapping toleran




Experience with address match and geocoding techniques




Ability to create cartographically pleasing outputs




Ability to communicate technical information effectively written & verbal

Thanks with Sincere Regards,
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