shrug-l: URISA's 2017 GIS Salary Survey is now open.

Tripp Corbin tcorbin at
Mon Jul 3 14:18:12 EDT 2017

URISA is once again conducting a GIS Salary Survey. The survey is an ideal
resource for both job seekers and for those who hire GIS staff. As in the
past, an Executive Summary will be available on the URISA website for FREE
and a comprehensive analysis of the results will be available for purchase
(planned publication October 2017). 


To participate, please go to -


In addition to salary data presented according to job title, employer type
and geographical region, the survey delves into:

*	How have salary levels changed over the years?
*	Have GIS departments increased in size?
*	What non-technical skills are required?
*	What GIS software proficiencies are necessary?
*	What benefits do organizations typically offer?
*	How frequent do GIS professionals change jobs and are job changes
within the same sector?
*	How long is the average workweek?
*	How has GIS certification impacted salaries?
*	Are GIS professionals actively pursuing continuing education?
*	... and much more



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