shrug-l: Jan 2018 FLHUG (HAZUS User Group) meeting temporarily postponed

Steve Levine fsulevine at
Tue Jan 2 13:41:31 EST 2018

We are going to postpone the January Florida HAZUS-MH UserGroup meeting until TBD. We are waiting on final approval from DEM Legal Staffregarding the contracts for the instructors for our HAZUS-MH Training Classesand it being set up on SERT TRAC so everyone that wants to attend can register.I believe there will be a max of 30 slots. As soon as it is set up, we willreschedule and over the webinar there will be a step-by-step demonstration ofhow to sign up for the courses. Thank you for your patience and Happy New Year!
Also, please remember to volunteer or nominate someone for our board if you have not done so.
Thank you and Happy New Year!
Steve Levine
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