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Tue Jan 16 14:18:20 EST 2018

Hello SHRUG Members!

This is an excellent resource and I appreciate any feedback you can provide
on my inquiry. My name is Joe Suglia and I am the GIS Coordinator at
Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). We recently established a
Drone Working Group to discuss the usage of UAS on airport property. Due to
the increase in interest from contractors/vendors and internal departments
to use drones, it was time to come together and discuss processes,
procedures, rules, and/or regulations for operating UAS at RSW.  I’m fully
aware of the FAA regulations concerning operating UAS at and within the
vicinity of an airport, but my interest lies in what organizations are
doing/considering internally to utilize, regulate, or restrict drone
usage.  For example:

Have any members on the list implemented requirements (above and beyond FAA
requirements) for contractors and/or vendors to utilize drones within their

Is there a formal process, workflow, or review in place when
contractors/vendors request to use drones on a project?

Are you using drones internally and if so are there specific processes and
procedures that a department is required to follow in order to fly a drone

At this point, our group is in the early stage of gathering information to
determine what steps we take next. Your feedback will help RSW get a better
understanding of how other jurisdictions are handling the interest and/or
integration of UAS technology. Please reply to jssuglia at and
then I will summarize the responses. If you want to chat about UAS and GIS
you can reach me at 239-590-4619 <(239)%20590-4619>. Thanks in advance.

Thank you,

Joe Suglia, GISP
GIS Coordinator

11000 Terminal Access Road, Ste. 8671

Fort Myers, FL 33913-8899 | USA
Office.239-590-4619 <(239)%20590-4619>  | Mobile. 239-478-5095

Fax. 239-590-4688 <(239)%20590-4688>

jssuglia at |

* <>*

Please note:  Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written 
communications to or from Port Authority employees and officials regarding 
Port Authority business are public records available to the public and 
media upon request. Your email communication may be subject to public 

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