shrug-l: Now here is a new one, least for me.

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I can think of a couple things which might cause this. One would be caching.
One of you is referencing a cached version of some of the data. I think I
saw a recent announcement that Esri had updated their Aerial photos for
parts of the US. So the new update might be part of the issue. Try clearing
the cache on all machines. You can do that under ArcMap>Customize>ArcMap


Another thing that I can think of that might cause it would be ArcGIS
Environmental Variables. If you have a default transformation set which
others do not that would account for the difference as well. 


You may also want to try and see how the map behaves in ArcGIS Pro. That
would help tell if it is a data or software issue. 


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Hi all,


So today we are experiencing an interesting anomaly that I have never come
across before.  Our Engineering Department has a standard map that they
access for viewing various utility and road system data sets. It is a common
map saved to a folder on the sever.  Today when they opened the map (on
various computers) they noticed that items like road center line and other
line were off by about 25 feet from the aerial imagery (ESRI World Imagery).
That part is not too crazy to us, we know that  there are quite a few
variables that could have caused this.  


Now for the crazy part.  In looking into this issue I opened the same map
from the same folder on the server using the same version of ArcMap and same
version of the data.  When I did this, everything lined up as expected.
There was no offset of the lines.  Several of the others using the map
closed ArcMap, rebooted their computers and opened the same map, they got
the same results as before where the lines were offset by about 25 feet.  


So any ideas on why when they open the map they are showing an offset of the
data by about 25 feet and yet when I open the same map on my computer
everything lines up correctly.  Is there some setting or configuration that
we are missing?  


Thanks all for your assistance in the mystery of the offset lines. 



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