gis-l: 1994 vs 1999 DOQs

Brockwell, Eric
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 12:42:13 -0500

Tallahassee GIS Users,

This does not affect district imagery servers, only Tallahassee.

The new imagery server we had been awaiting to replace EPIC80 (the =
image server for Tallahassee) was damaged during shipment and we are =
indefinitely for its replacement.  Once it is received, it will take BIS =
time to get it set up properly.  We have the 1999 DOQs in both JPG and =
format processed for most of the state, but do not have the space to =
placing them on EPIC80.  Several users have suggested or requested
temporarily removing some of the 1994 MrSIDs or JPGs (as few as =
necessary) to
get the full set of 1999 DOQs on the box.

We prefer to have both sets available for temporal comparison and would
replace any temporarily removed 1994s when the new server comes online.
However, several data cleanup initiatives are underway or beginning that
would greatly benefit from making all of the 1999 data available at the
expense of some of the 1994 data.  Please let us know if:

1. this causes specific problems for you
2. you have preferences on certain areas that are important to retain
3. you have preferences on whether you prefer JPGs, MrSIDs, or a mix to =

If we do not hear from users, we will sacrifice only some of the 1994 =
for which we have 1999 images.

E r i c    W    B r o c k w e l l
Systems Project Administrator
Geographic Information Systems
FL Dept of Environmental Protection