gis-l: new data available in ArcSDE and Dataminer

Judd, Chris
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 09:45:48 -0400

The following GIS layers have been made available/updated in ArcSDE.

* New 2003 Vegetation and Land Cover Data
* FNAI Habitat Conservation Priorities Updated
	Please note this is a raster dataset that is supposed to replace a
past vector dataset! The old FNAI Areas of Conservation Interest (ACI) =
is no
longer an available option in dataminer. The data is still in the =
database so
it can be added manually and old projects won't break, but it can no =
be added via DataMiner.  Please update your projects to the latest =
version of
this data.

* FNAI Florida Forever Lands updated

* FNAI Managed Areas updated

* New Brownfield Sites with Executed BSRAs (areas)
* Brownfield Sites with Executed BSRAs (points)	MODIFIED to include
remediation status and major chemicals of concern found at the site=20

* Brownfield Area Polygons updated

* Brownfield Area Centroids updated

* Front Porch Communities updated