gis-l: ArcSDE Migration to 8.3 & Data Moratorium

Clay, Linc
Mon, 3 May 2004 10:00:41 -0400

GIS Users,

	* ArcSDE 8.3 Migration Scheduled for May 14th - 16th
	* Data Development/Correction/Distribution Moratorium from May 3rd -
May 24th

We are now planning to complete the migration from ArcSDE 8.1.2 to =
ArcSDE 8.3
on the weekend of May 14th - 16th.  This means that ArcSDE data services =
not be available to GIS clients (including ArcIMS) starting at 7:00 PM =
Friday May 14th.  We expect to have ArcSDE data service restored by the
opening of business on Monday, May 17th.

Based on our testing, this migration is expected to have the following
consequences -

	ArcView 3.2a - no impact expected
	ArcIMS - no impact expected
	ArcGIS 8.1.x - not compatible with ArcSDE 8.3, users must upgrade
	ArcGIS 8.2.x - not compatible with ArcSDE 8.3, users must upgrade

The reason for the upgrade is to support the new geodatabase, topology, =
other features of ArcGIS 8.3; and to be running ArcSDE in a supported
instance of Oracle.  (At present, the version of Oracle running ArcSDE =
is not
supported.)  ArcGIS 8.3 was released in February, 2003.

Also, in order for us to smoothly accomplish the migration, we will be
suspending all data development, correction and distribution requests =
now until May 24th.  If you believe this moratorium will cause you =
hardship, please let me know and we will see if we can fulfill your =



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