gis-l: BIS/GIS data naming convention

Bokey, Aparna Aparna.Bokey at
Thu Feb 2 11:35:50 EST 2006

	GIS Users,

	BIS/GIS Section has adopted a new naming convention for updates that
are structurally different from the previous data versions in

	The FDEP ArcSDE database was primarily used as a current library and
not for historical purposes and archival purposes. When BIS/GIS Section
acquires data updates from various agencies and users that are structurally
different from the previous versions, the normal vector layer naming
processes are problematic as it results in breaks in the various ArcIMS
applications as well as many user saved projects that contain these updated
datasets. Therefore in order to better manage these updates with minimum
impact to the user community and the ArcIMS applications used, ArcSDE will be
used both as a current as well as an archival one for a certain period.
	The updates will be inserted in the ArcSDE with a _YYYY suffix. A
similar year tag will be added to the DataMiner name of the layer if
applicable. For example,
	base.cities_2006 will be called Cities 2006 in DataMiner. The older
version (without the _YYYY suffix) will be deleted from the database a year
after the new version has been inserted. This gives users enough time to
change their projects and use the updated data.

	This new naming convention will be followed only when updates that
are structurally different from previous versions need to be inserted in
ArcSDE. If there are no structural changes, BIS/GIS Section will follow the
regular insertion guidelines and therefore there will be no name changes.

	BIS/GIS Section


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