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Thu Feb 2 11:37:04 EST 2006

GIS Users,

The following datasets are new additions to the FDEP ArcSDE/DataMiner
ArcSDE Name: base.federal_lands
DataMiner Name: Federal Lands

The Federal lands layer obtained from the National Atlas of the United States
( consists of areas depicting federally owned or
administered lands in the state of Florida.This layer has 83 records and can
be accessed via the "Boundaries" tab in DataMiner.

ArcSDE Name: base.indian_lands
DataMiner Name: Indian Lands

The Indian lands layer is also obtained from the National Atlas of the United
States ( and consists of areas showing native American
reservations present in the State of Florida. This layer has 3 records and
can be accessed via the "Boundaries" tab in DataMiner.

ArcSDE Name: dep.florida_forever_acquisitions
DataMiner Name: Florida Forever Acquisitions
This layer has been obtained from the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI)
and is a polygon data layer containing information for parcels that have been
purchased using Florida Forever (FF) funding.These parcels are also
incorporated into the Florida Natural Areas Inventory's Florida Managed Areas
(FLMA) data layer, either as new managed areas (i.e., conservation lands) or
additions to existing managed areas. This layer has 2864 records and can be
accessed via the "FNAI" tab in DataMiner.

ArcSDE Name: dep.element_occurrence_2006
DataMiner Name: Element Occurrence 2006

A new element occurrence layer has been inserted in ArcSDE which is
structurally different from the old dep.element_occurrence dataset. There are
a few new/altered field names and FNAI has added some new map symbols
reflecting the updates.The symbology of the layer has also been updated. This
layer has been inserted with a _2006 suffix to prevent any breaks in the
various applications and user saved projects using the old element occurrence
data. We will deprecate the old element occurence layer (without the suffix)
in a year.
This is a point data layer locating the occurrences of endangered or rare
plants and animals, high quality natural communities and other occurrences of
natural resource interest in the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI)
database. An "Element" is any exemplary or rare component of the natural
environment, such as a species, plant community, bird rookery, spring,
sinkhole, cave or other ecological feature. An "Element Occurrence" (EO)
represents the locational record of an element and is a single extant habitat
which sustains or otherwise contributes to the survival of a population or a
distinct, self-sustaining example of a particular natural community.

The following FNAI datasets have been updated in the ArcSDE/DataMiner

ArcSDE Name: dep.florida_forever_lands
DataMiner Name: Florida Forever Lands
This layer now has 259 records.

ArcSDE Name: dep.managed_areas
DataMiner Name: Florida Managed Areas (MA)
This layer now has 1568 records


Ms.Aparna Bokey

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