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Wed Feb 8 12:14:13 EST 2006

GIS Users,

Following are new additions to the FDEP GIS Library and DataMiner. These
datasets have been inserted in accordance with BIS/GIS Section's new naming

ArcSDE Name: dep.epa_toxic_release_inv_2006
DataMiner Name: EPA Toxic Release Inventory 2006
This data was obtained from the EPA's Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) data
download page. The TRI database contains data on annual estimated releases of
over 300 toxic chemicals to air, water, and land by the manufacturing
industry. This file shows the locations and other information about
facilities. This information pertains to the year 2002 and was released in
2003. This dataset has 1305 records.

ArcSDE Name: dep.epa_water_quality_data_2006
DataMiner Name: EPA Water Quality Data 2006
This dataset contains water quality data obtained from the Environmental
Protection Agency's (EPA) STORET database. STORET (short for STOrage and
RETrieval) is a repository for water quality, biological, and physical data
and is used by state environmental agencies, EPA and other federal agencies,
universities, private citizens, and many others. This dataset has 31484

ArcSDE Name: dep.epa_npl_sites_2006
DataMiner Name: EPA NPL Sites 2006
The NPL is the list of national priorities among the known releases or
threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants
throughout the United States and its territories.The facilities included in
the NPL are eligible for extensive, long-term cleanup under the Superfund
(CERCLIS) program. The facilities in this NPL dataset are in the final NPL
list and are current as of October 2005. This dataset has 50 records.

ArcSDE Name: dep.coastal_erosion_cntrl_lns_2006
DataMiner Name: Coastal Erosion Control Lines 2006
Erosion Control Lines are established at the Mean High Water Line before a
beach project is begun. It determines the new boundary of the upland
landowner since the additional sand will belong to the State of Florida. This
data has 312 records and the symbology of this layer has been changed than
the previous versions'.

ArcSDE Name: base.public_land_survey_system_2006
DataMiner Name: Public Land Survey System 2006
The Public Land Survey System is a legal land reference system created to
facilitate the inventory and transfer of property. This system is divided
into township, range, and sections. This dataset contains PLSS boundaries to
the section level. This dataset has 78439 records.

ArcSDE Name: base.cities_2006
DataMiner Name: Cities 2006
This data was downloaded from the National Atlas of the United States
( Where applicable, U.S. Census Bureau codes for named
populated places were associated with each name to allow additional
information to be attached. The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
was also used as a source for additional information. This is a revised
version of the December 2003 map layer. This dataset has 1061 records.

ArcSDE Name: base.geodetic_control_stations
DataMiner Name: Geodetic Control Stations
This data contains a set of geodetic control stations maintained by the
National Geodetic Survey. The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) serves as the
nation's depository for geodetic data. The NGS distributes geodetic data
worldwide to a variety of users. These geodetic data include the final
results of geodetic surveys, software programs to format, compute, verify,
and adjust original survey observations or to convert values from one
geodetic datum to another. This dataset has 43619 records. 


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