gis-l: Carla J. Boyce is in reciept of your email and it has been forwarded to her blackberry.

Carla.Boyce at Carla.Boyce at
Thu Feb 9 16:01:21 EST 2006

I will be out of the office starting Thu 02/09/2006 and will not return
until Fri 02/10/2006.

Her schedule for the week beginning February 6th is as follows . . . .

2/6 Drs Appt/Physical Thereapy
2/7 & 2/8 Meetings and Conference Calls
2/9 & 2/10 FEMA Coordination Meeting - GIS in Orlando

If your message concerns:
* HAZUS or cartographic needs you may contact Larry Kung at
Larry.Kung at or 850.413.9979
* Groove Virtual Office accounts/technical support or FDEMs web page you may contact Matthew White at
Matthew.White at or 850.410.1274
* Requests for FDEM data sets you may contact Erika Pittman at
Erika.Pittman at or 850.413.9906

Should you need immediate assistance w/any other request please contact
Artie White at Arvil.White at or 850.413.9905

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