gis-l: Updates to QuickZoom and ImageTools for ArcGIS

Butgereit, Richard Richard.Butgereit at
Tue Jan 10 14:48:40 EST 2006

Enhancements have been made to the QuickZoom and ImageTools extensions for
ArcGIS users.

To update your version of these tools for ArcGIS:

Please visit http://bis-4cgxh11/Custom/fdep_arcview8.htm, and click Install
ArcMap Tools
> . This will copy over the latest version of the extension files
(DEPQuickzoom.dll & DEPImageTools.dll) to your machine. Follow the additional
instructions on the page to customize your ArcGIS if necessary.

Enhancements made to QuickZoom:

The QuickZoom tool now includes zooming to named features of the National
Hydrography Dataset. Look for National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) in the list
of categories, enter a named water body or flow line, and zoom to named bays,
lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.

Enhancements made to ImageTools:

The enhancements made to ImageTools are specifically for mobile GIS
users...ArcGIS users who don't have any need to extract imagery for use with
mobile GIS applications should still continue to use imagery via the

For ArcGIS users who need to extract imagery for use with mobile GIS
applications, these enhancements will greatly simplify downloading imagery
from ArcGIS for use with mobile computers. 

In addition to updating the tool to work with ArcGIS 9.x, we've added the
2004 aerials to the list of available imagery and an imagery export tool.
Please note that the 2004 aerials are only available in the 1m format, and
they may only be used when your scale is below 1:24,000 (you can use the
aerials from DataMiner to get near your area of interest and under that scale
threshold, and then use ImageTools to grab the exact aerials you need).

Once you have used ImageTools to place imagery in the view and placed the
ImageTools Options button on your GUI, click ImageTools Options, and then
click Export Imagery-- and it will export the images that have been placed in
the map to a user-specified directory. Please note that it doesn't "clip" the
images, like if you used the Export Data to ArcPad tool that mobile GIS users
may be familiar with. Also, it won't copy images that you may have manually
brought into your map (like the hi-res images available at
\\epic80\library\image\hi_res or images you have gotten from a county).

As these enhancements were created by the Division of Water Resource
Management WRM ITS section, please continue to direct questions regarding use
and/or enhancements to me, rather than BIS/GIS.

Richard Butgereit 
GIS Coordinator, WRM, Florida DEP 
richard.butgereit at 
Office: (850) 245-8531 SC 205-8531 
Mobile: (850) 339-9084 

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