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Thu Jan 12 10:36:58 EST 2006

GIS Users,

The dep.coastal_erosion_control_lines data has been updated and can be
accessed via ArcCatalog on ArcSDE beta (test instance). This data has been
inserted in the test environment in accordance with BIS/GIS Section's
guidelines for name change data. The update in ArcSDE beta is called
dep.cecl_2005, but will be called by its old name 
dep.coastal_erosion_control_lines in ArcSDE prod and Coastal Erosion Control
Lines in DataMiner.
Most of the columns in the old layer were artifacts from using AutoCad (all
of the PY* and PX* fields), and this updated layer drops all of those and
contains new, substantially important columns, updated geometry and
Again, this data in the test instance is for viewing purposes only and will
be uploaded in the ArcSDE PROD instance in a months time. Users are given
this time to view this data in the test instance so that they can familiarise
themselves with the updated attributes/fields which are present in this

The connection properties for the ArcSDE BETA instance via ArcCatalog are:

Enclosed is the new symbology (.lyr) file of this update.


BIS/GIS Section


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