gis-l: ArcInfo/ArcView License Denials

Clay, Linc Linc.Clay at
Tue Jan 31 08:32:26 EST 2006


After six years of essentially no denials of license check-outs for ArcInfo
and ArcView, over the past couple of weeks we have experienced a significant
number of denials on these two products.  We are watching the situation and
will try to buy new licenses if the denials continue.  In the mean time,
please remember the following.

* We have a number (more than two dozen actually) of ArcIMS web mapping
sites.  If you want to perform geospatial lookups, an easy alternative to the
ArcInfo/ArcView desktop products is to use one of these web mapping sites.
The most fully featured site is the MapDirect site (courtesy of DWRM) at .  Query tools (
http://gisweb/DEP/Regulatory/QueryTools/index.asp ) is a regulatory-related
web mapping site that provides drill-down into the databases.  You can check
out the full array of web mapping applications at the FDEP ArcIMS portal (
http://depnet/gis/links/portal_intranet.asp ).

* The ArcExplorer product is license-free and easily downloaded and installed
from the ESRI web site.  ArcExplorer can access all the ArcSDE layers as well
as local shapefiles and imagery.  If you need help connecting to ArcSDE, log
a GIS Help Desk TAR (Technical Assistance Request -
http://depnet/gis/services/HD_menu_org.htm ) and we will work with you to get
you hooked up with the data.

* If you get denied checking out ArcView, switch to ArcInfo using the desktop
administrator.  (But please remember to switch back to ArcView when
available.)  We have 35 ArcView licenses and 18 ArcInfo licenses.  We are
willing to purchase more if needed, but with a software maintenance cost of
about $90,000 per year for the licenses we have, we do not want to add more
licenses unless really needed.

Thanks for bearing with us as we try to get a handle on this new
circumstance, and please consider using the alternatives mentioned above when


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