gis-l: New CHAZ layers in ArcSDE/DataMiner

Bokey, Aparna Aparna.Bokey at
Tue Jan 31 13:43:17 EST 2006

GIS Users,

3 new subsets of the Compliance & Enforcement Tracking for Hazardous Waste
(CHAZ) database have been inserted in ArcSDE/Dataminer. These layers have
been extracted from the CHAZ database and will be refreshed daily. All these
datasets can be accessed via the 'DWM' tab in DataMiner.

ArcSDE Name: dep.hfcs
DataMiner Name: Hurricane Facilities of Concern
This subset consists of  statewide hazardous waste and used oil facilities
that might be considered as potential threats for release during a natural
disaster such as hurricane.

ArcSDE Name:dep.hwts
DataMiner Name: Hazardous Waste Transfer Facilities
This dataset consists of currently registered hazardous waste transfer
facilities in the state.

ArcSDE Name:dep.uots
DataMiner Name: Used Oil Transfer Facilities
This is a statewide coverage of currently registered used oil transfer
facilities. A used oil transfer facility is a transportation related facility
where registered used oil transporters may hold shipments of used oil, during
the normal course of transportation, not longer than 35 days, without being
regulated as a used oil processor.


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