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STORET Stations migrated to a new layer. A new STORET Stations layer
(DEP.STORET_STATIONS_SP_VW) has been created to supercede the old layer
IMS.STORET_FL. This new layer is more comprehensive, includes more
attributes, and will be used with the new STORET Public Access website soon
to be made available. Users will want to drop the old layer and replace it
with the new. STORET Stations in DataMiner, under the WRM tab, will now use
this new layer.

Following the full migration of websites and databases for the new STORET
Public Access website, the layer IMS.STORET_FL will be deprecated from the
ArcSDE library.

*** LAYER ISSUE *** 

Some of the station locations are outside the Florida map extent.  As a
result, ArcGIS 8.3 users may receive a warning error message when the layer
is added to a project.  You may disregard the warning message.  DWRM is
working on resolving this issue.



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