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GIS Users,

The following layers have been newly inserted in ArcSDE, DataMiner and

DataMiner/DataCatalog Name: WMS Cycle 2 Reporting Units

This layer is visible from the 'WRM' tab in DataMiner and is in the
'Environmental Monitoring & Modeling' category in DataCatalog.

The Cycle 2 STATUS Network Reporting Units was created by Florida Department
of Environmental Protection's, Division of Water Resource Management, Bureau
of Watershed Management, Watershed Monitoring section's GIS support staff.
This layer represents the geographic divisions of the State of Florida upon
which the design of the second cycle of a five-year sampling program has been
based. This layer is statewide in overall geographic scope but subdivides the
state into 6 regions and further into 5 subregions (reporting units).

DataMiner/DataCatalog Name: Mandatory Non-Phosphate Sites

This layer is visible from the 'WRM' tab in DataMiner and is in the 'Business
& Economics' category in DataCatalog.

This layer provides the boundary for sites that have been or are subject to
the regulatory requirements of Part IV of Chapter 373, F.S., and/or Part IV
of Chapter 378, Florida Statutes and were included in the July 31st, 2006
version of the ERPce layer maintained by the Florida Department of
Environmental Protection (FDEP). The ERPce layer is a Statewide coverage of
Environmental Resource Program's Compliance & Enforcement (ERPce) facilities
and activities sub-setted from Florida DEP's Compliance & Enforcement
Tracking System (COMET). The site boundary includes all areas that are or
will be subject to the regulatory requirements, but may also include areas
that will not be disturbed by mining operations, but are under the ownership
or control of the mine operator. 


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