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Hancock, Eric Eric.Hancock at
Wed Sep 27 09:55:53 EDT 2006

GIS Users,

BIS/GIS has updated the software support matrix to exclude old patches of
ArcGIS.  The currently supported versions of ArcGIS are:
* ArcGIS 8.3 with service pack 3 and sde patch
* ArcGIS 9.0 with service pack 3
* ArcGIS 9.1 with service pack 2

If you do not have the latest service pack you can install these from the
BIS/GIS software installation page
http://depnet/gis/services/installs_index.htm (click the version of ArcGIS
that you have and scroll down to service packs).  

You can view our current support matrix from

If you have any problems installing the latest service pack you can contact
the GIS helpdesk at http://depnet/gis/services/HD_menu.htm.

Eric Hancock

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