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Thu Aug 23 16:31:21 EDT 2007

GIS Users,


We want to inform you of some upcoming changes to the way we have
historically handled GIS helpdesk in OTIS.  We are moving all of our Tier 1
helpdesk support (first line of defense) to the OTIS/Service Desk starting
September 3rd.  Users that were once routed though our online TAR (technical
assistance request) system will now be asked to email questions directly to
helpdesk at, we will put a link to this email address in place
of the TAR system on depnet.  Tier 2 level support will still be handled by
OTIS/GIS and we believe this change will better position us to provide higher
quality responses to our users and more timely responses to Tier 1 issues.


We would also like to encourage the community to exploit much of the same
resources that we use to solve issues:

1.	Check the manuals. The ESRI suite of manuals and tutorials is very
good. If you do not have hardcopy manuals, PDFs are available from ESRI's
website for ArcGIS 9.1
<>  and
ArcGIS 9.2
<> .
Also, the ESRI Software Library
<>  can be useful for
2.	Ask your colleagues. Chances are that they have already encountered
the problem or issues troubling you. 
3.	Ask your GIS coordinator. Most FDEP business units have a
knowledgeable GIS professional serving as the coordinator. If you don't know
who your coordinator is, you can check the Welcome to GIS
<http://depnet/gis/support/files/welcome_to_gis_dep_20070628.pdf>  document
to find out. 
4.	Post your problem, question or issue on GIS-L
<> . This list serve is
intended to help the FDEP GIS community, so use it to solicit help and ideas.

5.	Also, search and/or post on ESRI's technical forums
<> . They are a valuable


We look forward to serving you better with the assistance of the OTIS/Service




Chris Judd, SCJP
System Project Administrator/GIS
2600 Blair Stone Rd, MS 6520
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400
Voice: 850-245-8297, SC 205-8297
Fax: 850-245-8263, SC 205-8263
Email: chris.judd at


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