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Happy Friday Everyone!


I am trying to update the metadata for a geodatabase that I created.  I am
trying to add the attribute information into the box labeled "Entity and
Attribute Overview Description" in the FGDC metadata editor.  I type
everything in and click Save and it displays in the metadata.  If I close out
or refresh the metadata, the attribute data I added in the box is gone.  I've
tried to export the metadata immediately, but the added text does not export.
I can save changes made in other sections of the metadata editor, such as in
the abstract.


Do not automatically update metadata is unchecked.


I cannot duplicate the mystery on another machine.  When I import the xml
document that contains all of the attribute information (added in on a
different machine) the attribute information does not import.


I have checked my machine for viruses and spyware.  It came out clean.  I
have upgraded from ArcGIS 9.1 sp2 to ArcGIS 9.2 sp2, the problem persists.  I
have checked the original xml code and it does not contain the added text.
The xml document created on the other computer does contain the added text in
the code but still will not show the information when viewing the metadata in
ArcCatalog after it has been imported.  I posted this on the ESRI User Forum
on Wednesday, but still have not received any replies 


I had a problem with the symbology in the ArcGIS TOC disappearing and found
that it was related to a program that was running in the background for my
new mouse.  I thought that the disappearing symbology and the disappearing
metadata may have been related but it doesn't seem to be, I'm still having
the problem with the metadata but not with the symbology. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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