gis-l: SDE / ArcIMS services fully restored

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GIS users,


All production SDE / ArcIMS services have been restored.


Again, sorry for the inconvenience.




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Subject: gis-l: SDE / ArcIMS services (mostly) restored


GIS users,


The production SDE server is still having problems, but we've managed to
start most of the SDE instances and most of the ArcIMS web mapping sites.


However, the following services are still unavailable:



WebShapeLite (cannot display Managed Entities)


We will let the community know when full services have been restored.






The Department of Environmental Protection values your feedback as a
customer. DEP Secretary Michael W. Sole is committed to continuously
assessing and improving the level and quality of services provided to you.
Please take a few minutes to comment on the quality of service you received.
Simply click on this link to the DEP Customer Survey
<> .
Thank you in advance for completing the survey.

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Subject: SDE / ARCIMS down this morning


GIS users,


SDE and ArcIMS resources are down this morning.  We're working on the problem
and hope to have services restored soon.


Sorry for the inconvenience.



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