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GIS users,


As many have reported over the past several weeks, it seems to be getting
harder to check out a license to use ArcView / ArcInfo.  It looks like the
License Manager was not releasing licenses properly when folks logged out.
We have started rebooting the license manager every evening to try to combat
this.  As of today, licenses should be easier to check out.


As usual, please log out of ArcMap / ArcCatalog when you're finished using it
so that other folks can get their work done.  Additionally, only use ArcInfo
when necessary.


Keep in mind that most GIS data-viewing can be accomplished via Mapdirect: (then pick a focus under "Change Map Focus")


Additionaly, ESRI's ArcGIS Explorer is a great (and free) tool to use.  We
will start adding DEP data to this product sometime in April:



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