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GIS Users,


Please note, references to "epic31" and "odyssey" should be replaced with
"arcsde," not "gissde". 




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GIS Users,


We have worked with the systems group to create a temporary workaround for
those users having trouble opening old .mxd and .lyr files in ArcMap.  We
have created network aliases for the old servers named "epic31" and "odyssey"
and are forwarding them to the correct server named "arcsde".


At this point, most of your old projects and layer files should now open
after you reboot your PC.  Since we will not be able to keep the network
alias workaround on the network indefinitely, please review the attached
documentation and then check ALL your map files (.mxds).  Remove all
references to "epic31" and "odyssey" and replace them with "gissde".  The
systems group will be removing the "epic31" and "odyssey" aliases in a couple


In your map documents, some layers will still be broken if they were
deprecated during the migration or are still pointing to old sources.  Also,
if .mxds worked in ArcMap 9.2 but don't work in 9.3, it may be due to
customizations in ArcMap 9.2 that didn't transfer to 9.3.  This fix will not
address any customizations or VB scripts that worked in 9.2 but do not work
in 9.3.





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