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GIS Users,
The following new Bureau of Minerals, Mining Regulation (BMMR) layer was recently added to ArcSDE, DataMiner and MapDirect:

DataMiner Name: Mandatory Non-Phosphate Sites 2011
This layer provides the boundary for sites that have been or are subject to the regulatory requirements of Part IV of Chapter 373, F.S., and/or Part III of Chapter 378, Florida Statutes and were included in the July 31st, 2011 version of the ERPce layer maintained by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). (The ERPce layer is a Statewide coverage of Environmental Resource Program's Compliance & Enforcement (ERPce) facilities and activities sub-set from Florida DEP's Compliance & Enforcement Tracking System (COMET)). The site boundary includes all areas that are or will be subject to the regulatory requirements, but may also include areas that will not be disturbed by mining operations, but are under the ownership or control of the mine operator. The mined resources are predominately heavy minerals, fuller's earth, limestone, dolomite, shell, gravel, sand, kaolin, common clay, fill dirt, and peat. This layer is under the “WRM” tab in DataMiner.

The following new Division of Waste Management (DWM) layer was recently added to ArcSDE and DataMiner:

DataMiner Name: DEP Cleanup Sites – Contamination Locator Map
Contamination Locator Map (CLM) is an online tool that allows users to locate waste cleanup sites near their homes, neighborhoods, businesses or any identified location on a Florida map. CLM provides users with real-time information online, but takes it a step further by allowing users to subscribe to receive e-mail updates when the site they're interested in reaches milestones in the cleanup process, such as the completion of a site assessment or approval of the site's remediation action plan. This layer is under the ‘DWM’ tab in DataMiner.

The following layer was updated in ArcSDE, DataMiner and MapDirect:

DataMiner Name: SRWMD 2006-2008 Land Use
The layer has been corrected for some classification errors and updated for improved accuracy. This layer is under the “Boundaries” tab in DataMiner.

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