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GIS Users,
The following new layers were recently added to the GIS library:
DataMiner Name: SFWMD 2008-09 Land Use
This data set serves as documentation of land cover and land use (LCLU) within the South Florida Water Management District as it existed in 2008-09. Land Cover Land Use data was updated from 2004-05 LCLU by photo-interpretation from 2008-09 aerial photography and classified using the SFWMD modified FLUCCS classification system. Features were interpreted from the county-based aerial photography (4 in - 2 ft pixel) and updated on screen from the 2004-05 vector data. Horizontal accuracy of the data corresponds to the positional accuracy of the county aerial photography. The minimum mapping unit for classification was 2 acres for wetlands and 5 acres for uplands. This layer is under the “Boundaries” tab in DataMiner.

DataMiner Name: Florida Submerged Lands Act
The Florida Submerged Lands Act layer represents the spatial area where the regulation applies in Florida. The regulation gives Florida authority to provide state-level implementation of the Federal Submerged Lands Act and was obtained from NOAA. This layer is under the “Boundaries” tab in DataMiner.

DataMiner Name: Manatee Synoptic Survey 1991-2011
The word "synoptic" means presenting a general view of the whole. The current manatee synoptic survey is a count of manatees over a broad area. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) uses these surveys to obtain a general count of manatees statewide. The synoptic surveys are conducted in winter and cover all of the known wintering habitats of manatees in Florida. This layer is under the “FWC” tab in DataMiner.

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