gis-l: Updated FDOT layers in DataMiner

Bokey, Aparna Aparna.Bokey at
Fri Jun 1 16:00:15 EDT 2012

GIS Users,

The following Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) layers have been updated in ArcSDE, DataMiner and MapDirect:

ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_LOCAL_ROADS; DataMiner Name: FDOT Local Roads
ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_ROADS; DataMiner Name: FDOT Roads
ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_STATE_ROUTES; DataMiner Name: FDOT State Routes
ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_BRIDGES; DataMiner Name: FDOT Bridges
ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_TRAFFIC_METER_LOCATIONS; DataMiner Name: FDOT Traffic Meter Locations
ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_INTERSTATES; DataMiner Name: FDOT Interstates
ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_US_ROUTES; DataMiner Name: FDOT US Routes
ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_COUNTY_ROUTES; DataMiner Name: FDOT County Routes
ArcSDE Name: DEP.FDOT_ TOLL_ROADS; DataMiner Name: FDOT Toll Roads

All these layers are under the “Transportation” tab in DataMiner. The metadata for these layers has also been updated. All these above mentioned layers will be updated in the FDEP GIS library on an annual basis.

OTIS/GIS Section

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