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Here are a few bits of information that you might find interesting or useful.

Question:  ArcGIS Desktop version 10.1 was released earlier this month.  When will this version be available to me through DEP's pool of concurrent licenses?
Short Answer:  We do not currently have a target release date.
Longer Answer:  This will partially depend upon how stable version 10.1 is in general and also specifically how well it works with our infrastructure.   Indications of stability come to us through a number of sources; internal testing, ESRI blogs, troubleshooting web threads etc.  Typically, we've waited until a couple service packs have been released by ESRI to begin distributing the software via enterprise resources.  Service packs include fixes to hundreds of software bugs and issues that can be unpleasant to encounter especially when you are under pressure to perform some geospatial task.   Another factor is the level of interest in the new version.  Very few users have expressed an interest to-date in version 10.1.  If you are in need of 10.1 functionality and soon, please let us know by sending us an email at GIS.Librarian at<mailto:GIS.Librarian at> .  Here's a link to ESRI's official "What's new in ArcGIS 10.1 Document"<>

Map Direct Spotlight
If you're new to GIS at FDEP, you might be interested to learn that we have an interactive web mapping application called Map Direct<>.  It is a service that OTIS/GIS performs for the agency and is essentially a framework that has been customized to form more than 110 independent applications.  Each application delivers content and functionality that is specific to a Division, Bureau, Section, Program or other group's set of requirements.  Much of the application developer's (Gary Kekelis) time has been devoted to optimization recently. The application is being reconfigured to run effectively on smart phones and other mobile devices but a peripheral advantage is that it runs much more efficiently (faster) on desktop computers, perhaps most noticeably those with slower network connections.

Among new applications (focuses) is that of Beaches and Coastal Systems "Management Agreements".   Tom Watters and Gary Cook have provided the following description of this focus "Rather than doing beach nourishment piecemeal depending on which city or area can finance the project, Beaches and Coastal Systems is taking a wider regional view of shoreline that is constantly eroding.  This Map Direct focus communicates a plan to the public and government officials that will stream line the permitting process by issuing one permit with certain engineering parameters that will allow activity anywhere within its boundaries.  By reducing engineering expense for the client and the time involved to obtain a permit hopefully we can increase the number the nourishment projects and make the cycle of maintenance uniform for all beach front owners.."

New application functionality includes the ability for a user to click any one of the magenta (photo) or bright green (video) points offshore and then open photo or video that hyperlinks to very high resolution oblique photos and videos shot from helicopter.  Give it a try here<;2011%20Oblique%20Stills;2006%20Video;>.

Coming up...
Steve Dross has acquired Lee County 1 ft aerial imagery flown in the winter of 2010-2011, in the next few weeks it will be added to the existing 2011 Aerial Imagery Dataset available through Data Miner and Image Server.  Likewise, 1 ft imagery from Holmes and Seminole Counties flown in the winter of 2011-2012 has been acquired and will be added to a new 2012 Aerial Imagery Dataset.  An additional new 2010-2012 Aerial Imagery Dataset will be created to eventually form a statewide layer.

New focuses from the Coral Reef Conservation Program and for professionals involved with Management Zone burn activities.


Please take a few minutes to share your comments on the service you received from the department by clicking on this link. DEP Customer Survey<>.
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