gis-l: Nightly refresh layers down in SDE/DataMiner

Bokey, Aparna Aparna.Bokey at
Tue Sep 24 08:19:20 EDT 2013

GIS Users,
The nightly refresh Oracle Spatial layers stored in ArcSDE and published in DataMiner and MapDirect are down this morning. We will need to recreate all these layers in the database.
MapDirect will be temporarily shut down till we fix the issue.  DataMiner, other Addins and ArcGIS products are working normally. We will keep you informed when all these layers have been restored in the database.

Q: How to determine a DataMiner layer is a Oracle Spatial refresh layer?
A: Bring in any layer from DataMiner and right click the layer in the Table of Contents in ArcMap. If the ArcSDE table name ends in 'SP_VW' e.g. ; DEP.CHAZ_IMS_SP_VW - it is a nightly refresh Oracle Spatial layer. The data in these layers is updated every night.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

OTIS/GIS Section

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