gis-l: Imagery update #2

Jackson, Kimberly D. Kimberly.D.Jackson at
Wed Sep 13 10:06:11 EDT 2017

Revised paths:

Please note the URL for the SW imagery bookmark in map direct is incorrectly pointing to the DEV server (should be ca not cadev). Corrected information below.

Also, the opacity slider on the layer details tab can be used to fade these imagery sets in and out so you can see what's underneath.
[cid:image001.png at 01D32C77.EC1229A0]

Here is Key West imagery initially visible and zoomed to extent of imagery:*storms_cdn_ngs_noaa_gov_20170911a_rgb

Here is SW coast imagery initially available and zoomed to available extent:*storms_cdn_ngs_noaa_gov_20170911b_rgb

Here are both initially visible zoomed to available extent of both:*storms_cdn_ngs_noaa_gov_20170911a_rgb,*storms_cdn_ngs_noaa_gov_20170911b_rgb

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