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Thu Jul 26 14:42:57 EDT 2018

Good afternoon,

I need to clarify the previous e-mail regarding access to GIS services:

  1.  A PC-refresh occurs when you get a completely new laptop or desktop computer. When you get the new computer (this may be now or not for another three years), you will also have your existing DEP e-mail address (you at<mailto:you at>), changed to the new domain (you at<mailto:you at>).

  1.  Because your e-mail address has changed (if you have a PC refresh), you will need to contact the service desk if you are currently an ArcGIS Online named user with an enterprise  (you at account (an account that is tied to your windows log in).  You'll need to put in a service desk ticket to receive a new invitation to AGO with your new e-mail account and have any current content migrated, before your old account is disabled.

  1.  If you are a named user on the DEP ArcGIS Online organizational account with a custom user name and password (mapper at<mailto:mapper at>) that does not reference DEP e-mail, no change is needed.

  2.  If you previously accessed ArcGIS Pro desktop software with an AGO log in, your new computer will come with a concurrent licensed version of Pro that will not require you to log in via AGO. Therefore, no service desk ticket is needed.

  1.  If you became a named ArcGIS Online user with a new you at<mailto:you at> email address (for recent hires), there is no change needed.

Thank you
Kimberly Jackson, GISP
GIS Manager
850.245.8296  (X- 58296)

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