[Pharmwaste] Hospitals for a Healthy Environment - March 11 Pharmaceutical Waste Teleconference

Janet Brown janet.brown@earthlink.net
Thu, 3 Feb 2005 09:17:45 -0500


Friday, March 11 (1:00 EST) is the H2E Pharmaceutical Waste
Teleconference. For those of you that haven't joined us in the past, the
2nd Friday of each month, I host a teleconference on a variety of health
care-related subjects from green cleaning, to recycling to green
building, to Pharmaceutical Waste Management. To check out our calendar
and register for these free calls, go to

I recognize that we don't have all our pharmaceutical waste issues
resolved, but hospitals are looking for practical guidance on the
management of this often overlooked hazardous component of their waste
stream.  This is most specifically about hospital-generated
pharmaceuticals, but we could briefly touch on home-generated issues at
the end, time permitting.

I'm looking for a hospital that has a plan in place for management of
hazardous pharmaceuticals within their facilities.  Specifically for
proper management of cytotoxic drugs and other hazardous
pharmaceuticals.  Would be interested in one that has a reverse
transport of drugs to pharmacy for bulk collection and one that collects
on the floors.  Would like to post helpful educational posters and
policies that have been developed.  I know there would still be lots of
questions, but even with that, I'm looking for a best management
perspective of this waste stream, given that we have to have a plan in
place, even with some issues unresolved.  Are any of you interested or
can you suggest anyone?  

I'm at home  home office # below, if anyone would like to discuss this
in detail Thanks!!

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