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Some things to consider:

Do you really want to put containers of hazardous chemicals (that would
"neutralize" pharms) in the hands of the consumer?  Are you not trading one
set of hazards for another?

What would the consumer do with the used container of chemicals/drugs?
Seems like there is still a hazardous waste disposal issue.  Very unlikely
that you would be left with a non-hazardous result.

A better way to handle this would be to encourage the collection of excess
consumer meds by the local household hazardous waste entity.

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Hi Lucy.

I haven't heard of a consumer product that uses "nasty chemicals" to
dissolve unwanted meds. However, that is an approach that was
discussed among a pharmaceutical task force here in the Northwest for
dealing with commercial volumes of unwanted pharm's. I can get you
more details if you want when I return. I am leaving town after today
for two weeks and am swamped with last minute details.


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