[Pharmwaste] Response: Disposal kits

Stefanie Rochow srochow@co.volusia.fl.us
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 10:04:35 -0500

I too, remember flushing down the toilet all of my Uncle's med's with
hospice watching and counting pills.  Have we approached that community
too in regard to proper disposal of leftover meds? They are a good way
to get the word out plus they work with hospitals.

They can reach a lot of people just by word of mouth from the
deceased's family.  Most people laud the hospice community and always
tell a few stories about an event with the deceased and their caretaker.
 People will start talking about how hospice got rid of the leftover
meds and how that is a great idea when a 'script doesn't work and a
person has all those leftover pills. 

Hospice is in the community 24/7, what better way to get the word out
in a comforting, non-threatening way.


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