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	The aim of the activities of the NORMAN network is to enhance
the exchange of information on emerging
environmental substances, and to encourage the validation and
harmonisation of common measurement methods
and monitoring tools so that the requirements of risk assessors and risk
managers can be better met.
The NORMAN newsletter is for everyone interested in emerging substances
in the environment. This newsletter keeps you up to date on scientific
advances in this area and highlights the activities and events of the EU
NORMAN Network.


On this issue you will find: 

Editorial by Alistair B.A. Boxall, Central Science Laboratory, York and
University of York - UK 
A review of recent publications on:
Fate of pharmaceutical and personal care products during anaerobic
digestion of sewage sludge 

Dechlorane Plus: Another flame retardant contaminating the European

Effects of the UV filter benzophenone-2 on reproduction in fish 

Determination of pKa values of active pharmaceutical ingredients 

Adapting an ambient monitoring programme to the challenge of managing
emerging pollutants in the San Francisco Estuary 

Mass spectrometry for identifying pharmaceutical biotransformation
products in the environment 

Using semi-permeable membrane devices as passive samplers 

Analytical techniques in studies of the environmental fate of
pharmaceuticals and personal-care products 

Research projects: 
	COST Action 636: Xenobiotics in the Urban Water Cycle 
	NANOSH: Inflammatory and genotoxic effects of engineered
	ESTROM: Swiss-Romanian Co-operative Research Programme 
	PHARMSOMES: Environmental Exposure of Pharmaceuticals in the
Somes Valley Watershed, Romania

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