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Gilliam, Allen GILLIAM at adeq.state.ar.us
Fri May 30 13:34:56 EDT 2008

unsure of this poll's origination but if it's even an inkling of the
knowledge level of our water/wastewater officials, we've got a loooong
outreach road ahead of us.
allen gilliam
adeq state pretreatment coordinator


Poll Results

Recent reports say reverse osmosis and nanofiltration are effective in
removing most pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors. What is your
facility doing to address this?

Nothing, this is not a problem for us.




Beginning plans and finding money to test our water.




Taking advantage of offers to have water tested for free and contacting
vendors for additional advice.




We already have these technologies in place. 




Poll Archive

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addition legislators could make to this law?


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