[Pharmwaste] Leading Expert In Environmental Medicine and Pharmaceutical Pollution Joins Teleosis Institute Faculty

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Leading Expert In Environmental Medicine and Pharmaceutical Pollution
Joins Teleosis Institute Faculty

Ilene S. Ruhoy, MD, PhD, of Touro University Brings Expertise in
Pharmaceutical Pollution to the Groundbreaking "Leadership In Green
Health Care" Training Program for Health Professionals
PRLog (Press Release) <http://www.prlog.org/>  - Jul 13, 2009 - Dr.
Ilene Ruhoy, Director of Institute for Environmental Medicine at Touro
University- Nevada, joins the faculty of Teleosis Institute (a program
of Practice Greenhealth), to assist in the upcoming "Leadership In Green
Health Care" course beginning July 24, 2009.  The 8-week, online course
educates health care professionals in a new discipline of "Sustainable

"Because Sustainable Medicine is a new area of instruction, most
healthcare practitioners did not have exposure to the topic during their
medical training" said Joel Kreisberg, DC, MA, founder and senior
director of the Teleosis Institute. "Our course introduces them to the
theory, latest research, best practices and opportunities for community

Sustainable medicine recognizes the link between the environment,
medicine and human health and seeks to provide better health care while
protecting our limited environmental and medical resources. The
Leadership In Green Health Care course reviews the most up-to-date
theory and research behind sustainable medicine and introduces
participants to the best practices for initiating green health care-
from greening their offices, to offering affordable and renewable
medical treatments, and promoting community and environmental health. 

Teleosis is delighted to have Dr. Ruhoy's expertise in the area of
environmental health and pharmaceutical pollutants to offer its students
and health care professionals. "Dr. Ruhoy is an exemplary leader in the
health care field. She brings to Teleosis and our leadership course, a
wealth of knowledge about our health and the environment." says Dr.

Dr. Ilene Ruhoy, MD, PhD, holds an assistant professorship in Basic and
Clinical Science at the Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine
in Henderson, NV and she is the Director of the Touro University Nevada
Institute for Environmental Medicine. 

"While doing my 2008 dissertation on pharmaceuticals in the environment,
I was reminded how environmental health ad human health are intimately
intertwined.  It occurred to me the study of human health should include
an assessment of ecological parameters that may have a significant role
in human well-being.  Sustainable health care can only improve both the
health of our communities as well as the health of our ecosystems."
explains Dr. Ruhoy. 

Dr. Ruhoy has done extensive research on the sources of pharmaceutical
exposure that both humans and the environment experience. In addition,
she examines methods and describes mechanisms by which these exposures
to pollutants may be moderated and potentially eliminated. Dr. Ruhoy
explains why she joined the Teleosis faculty, "The great thing about the
"Leadership In Green Health Care" course is it promotes
multi-perspective discussions on the issues and obstacles of green
health, sustainable health, and environmental health.  I hope to help
lead these discussions and bring forth some of the more powerful aspects
of these topics." 

Leadership In Green Health Care begins July 24, 2009. The flexible
online format is designed for busy health professionals seeking to
protect our limited environmental resources while providing quality
health care. Course materials provide strategies that inspire
environmental action in communities and workplaces. Graduates have
expressed a renewed passion and inspiration for improving health care.
Participants include a wide range of health professionals - primary care
providers, medical doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners,
complementary medicine providers, mental health providers, health
educators, and health care administrators. 40 hours of continuing
education credits are available to physicians and nurses who
successfully complete the course.   

For registration and additional information about the "Leadership In
Green Health" course, visit www.teleosis.org or contact Morola
Abjibodou, Program Assistant, at morola at teleosis.org, 510-558-7285.

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About Teleosis Institute: 
Teleosis Institute is an organization dedicated to reducing healthcare's
footprint while broadening its ecological vision. Teleosis believes in a
health care system that conserves natural resources, promotes personal
wellness, and begins with precaution. At the forefront of this
sustainable medical system are health providers who take an active role
in greening healthcare through example, education and advocacy. Teleosis
is a program of Practice Greenhealth, the nation's leading membership
and networking organization for institutions in the healthcare community
that have made a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

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