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I refused to count ltcf returns at Belfast Maine as a result of a clear
lack of any C IV in their own inventory list.
Ed, I passed my list to Jeannie, I am working on how we better synchronize
counts. Without numbers, no one can  make reasonable decisions about the
whole drug disposal issue. Just my singular opinion.

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 9:38 AM, Ed Gottlieb <egottlieb at cityofithaca.org>wrote:

>  Hi All,
> I wrote to my regional DEA contact and asked for summary results (r.e. average
> and maximum for the number of participants and amount of medications
> received) for the last National Take Back Day.  I also suggested the
> program might benefit if they singled out some sites for recognition of
> outstanding results.  He passed my request and suggestion to headquarters.
> Their polite response (below) was that I should submit a Freedom of
> Information Request.
> Does the DEA only bother to add up the number of pounds received by
> region and the country as a whole?  I wonder if they enter individual site
> results into a spreadsheet or data base that would make analysis
> practical?
> Another question I have...is there a pattern to changes over time in the
> number of participants and weight collected by sites that have participated
> in a more than one National Take Back Day?
> Do you have a question about National Take Back Day results?  Would you
> like to compile questions suggested by this Listserv and submit a Freedom
> of Information Request to the DEA?  If so, you have my thanks and gratitude!
> Ed Gottlieb
> Chair, Coalition for Safe Medication Disposal
> Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator
> Ithaca Area Wastewater Treatment Facility
> 525 3rd Street
> Ithaca, NY 14850
> (607) 273-8381
> fax: (607) 273-8433
> >>> "Young, Lisa M." <Lisa.M.Young at usdoj.gov> 10/5/2012 9:30 AM >>>
> Mr. Gottlieb,
>     We appreciate your enthusiasm and assistance in participating in the
> National Take Back Day sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration
> (DEA).  We appreciate your participation and cooperation in getting DEA’s
> message out into the community during each collection event.  DEA is proud
> to sponsor such events in order to assist the public in cleaning out their
> medicine cabinets in order to remove the  temptation for individuals to
> divert controlled substances that are no longer required.  If you would
> like further information regarding specific collection locations you may
> file a Freedom of Information Request which can be found on www.dea.gov.
> Again, thank you for your participation.
> Lisa M. Young
> Staff Coordinator
> Liaison and Policy Section
> 202-307-9435
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