[Pharmwaste] Vitamins and Supplements

Tiemeier, Amy Amy.Tiemeier at stlcop.edu
Fri Aug 14 10:27:49 EDT 2015

Good Friday Morning!

I wanted to get the group's thoughts on the necessity of incinerating vitamins and supplements vs just throwing them in the trash or flushing them.

Our non-profit has noticed that a fair amount of what we get in our drop boxes are large bottles of vitamins and supplements that are expired. As we pay for incineration by weight and are reliant on donations to support our incineration, we were wondering if we could remove vitamins and supplements from the list of items we accept and rather advise people to throw them in the trash or flush them. It doesn't seem like these types of items are the ones we are worried about especially as they come from naturally occurring sources. That being said, I wanted to get the thoughts of the experts on the list serve who understand the environmental impact of these things better than I do.

Thank you for any input or insight you have.

Warm Regards,
Amy Tiemeier

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