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Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corp. A Fill A boxrecycling Synergy Company Unveils The Next BIG Thing Recycling Industry’s First Way to remove from individual homes unused/unneeded
Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins. Delivers the benefit of protecting
your water supply, creating electricity and Carbon Credits in the process.
Cupertino, California – December 15, 2015 News Facts * Fill A box Corporation today announced that their synergy program with
   Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation Drug Destroyer product. It safely
   destroys and removes unused-unneeded Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins
   from homes, protects the water supply, creates Carbon Credits while
   generating electricity in the process.
 * This Product is the Recycling Industry’s first and only way to remove these
   items from individual homes safely.
 * No need to drive to drop off anywhere.
 * Unnecessary to flush down the toilet/sink or throw in the trash.
 * The by-product is burned to generate electricity.
 * The by-product qualifies as Carbon Credits.
 * It is safe to use and dispose of.
 * You can Place in the Fill A box Recycling Container.
 * This is a totally new concept. A market for the United States. Currently
   there are only drop off sites or drug take back programs that are available
   and then infrequently.
 * The assembly of the bottles is done with the use of developmentally
   disabled/homeless/recently released individuals.
 * The bottles are available through Crowdfunding from
   Statmedicamentdisposal.com or Fillaboxrecycling.com.

 * I truly believe that this Bottle has the ability to change how Recycling of
   Pharmaceuticals-OTC M edications [LKJ1] -Vitamins is accomplished. I joined this team and Company because of the
   forward thinking ideas that have been accomplished especially with Synergy
   among the programs. That is why I believe this is the next BIG Thing in
   Recycling. Violette Brown/President Fill A box Corporation

 * Watch the Video on our website of an actual customers use of the bottle at
   StatMedicamentDisposal.com or fillaboxrecycling.com

Supporting Resources * Fillaboxrecycling.com or statmedicamentdisposal.com

 * Facebook-Facebook.com/fillaboxrecycling

 * Google+-Fillaboxrecycling

 * Twitter- at fillaboxCorp

 * Linkedin-fillabox-recycling

About The Company Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corp. A Fill A box Recycling synergy company is a start-up that has invented numerous
recycling products to make in home recycling convenient, and protecting the
environment at the same time. These products have solved problems not solved by
any other recycling program. For more information, or to see the products in
action please visit fillaboxrecycling.com or statmedicamentdisposal.com

Trademarks Stat-Medicament-Disposal and FillAbox are registered trademarks.
Contact Info: Violette Brown Phone (855) 873-4965 Ext. 716 Email violettebrown at fillaboxrecycling.com [LKJ1]
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